Yoga Action in Marzahn, by Naama Ityel

Berlin, May 25th 2019, Berlin-Marzahn, Marzahner Promenade

Projects Archive

Urban Playground, by Roana Salome

Berlin, June 15th 2019, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Admiralsbrücke

Playing is much more fun with other people! And you don’t need nothing to experience it beside yourself and some space. No money, no qualifications, licens or certificates, no name, no ID, no common language, not a certain age, religion or colour.
Every women* is welcome to join the action, to research and share own discoveries.

I am going to tell you stories and you will share them with other people. We will observe moving objects and subjects (bikes, swings, passengers, animals etc.), take there movement and change it into our own. And last but not least we will dive into a swarm-movement.
Everything will be explained in details before we start! Inbetween and after there will be time to share own discoveries and perceptions.

I am really looking forward to share time with you, to reach out, to play and to connect.

For me it is possible to change the urban space into something that feels more like a playground – to make it alone it is quite tough, but with your support, we’re going to play at home!

Nothing: to be done, by Netta Weiser

Berlin, June 2019, Berlin-Neukölln, U-bahn Hermannplatz

Performance + Publication

The Space of my Body, by Diana Sirianni

Berlin, May 2nd 2019, Berlin-Kreutzberg, Skalitzer Strasse

This work is based on the interaction between performers, advertising posters and printed images of female* bodies combined with abstracted, decontructed space. The action started pasting up four big posters over ordinary advertisement posters. In the afteroon a group of performers through their presence and movements continued the interaction happening in the images to the street and the real life. You didn´t need any previous experience with dance to participate. Just to come with black/dark clothes.

By definition, the underground station is a public waiting area. By going down a few stairs from the street level or arriving from a different platform, people enter the underground station step into an eternal sphere of waiting. However, in the era of social networks and constant flow of information into our smartphones, it seems that we have lost our ability to wait.

Simply, wait.

Texting, checking, sending, listening and notifying, we will do anything to fill the “void”, avoiding the in between. And, if waiting is perceived as a waste of time, we just stop doing it, right?

The aim of Nothing: to be done. is to reclaim the human ability of waiting in public spaces as an essential element of our everyday life. In order to regain this lost ability, we need to reeducate ourselves and practice.

In the pursuit of waiting, we turn to the master of gaps and lingering, silences and absences, Samuel Beckett, and his great play Waiting for Godot.

Each time with a different cohort, we commence a process of collaborative writing, transforming the first act of Waiting for Godot into a waiting manual, a source of practical exercises embodying the illusive notion of waiting.

The writing process results in a publication of the handbook: 
Holding our waiting manuals we facilitate a group waiting practice in the underground station. This waiting practice is pursued in a somatic and performative approach, interpreting of the handbook's exercises in a game-like format.

Hacking Normality, by Susi Rosenbohm

Berlin, June 2019, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Kottbusserdamm

How do you feel in public space? Free? Overwhelmed? Alive? Stressed out? What if we question the public space and how we encounter and move in it? Which room is accessible for whom and for whom not? What does it mean to be not "normal" visible or functioning in public space with our body? We question, hack and transform the everyday urban space, which prescribes socially accepted codes of behavior, through our own body. We do not take anything for granted and see what that does to us and the public space. We stop, disturb, move, feel, talk, listen, explore and play with the aim to create a public space where we like to be.

Public Painting, by Diana Sirianni

Berlin, August 2019, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Wiener Str.

PUBLIC PAINTING is the first of a series of performative paintings in public space. This first project focuses on the topic of COURAGE and is meant to connect, celebrate, play with our courage, and at the end transform it into an inspiration for our creativity. It also reclaims advertisement surfaces as a place for collective creative expression, play and connection.


As a group of performers we will gather in front of an advertisement poster, cover it with white paper, like a blank canvas. There will be a few buckets of color and a ladder and other painting tools.The sidewalk space in front of the poster will become our stage and the action will be recorded by a camera placed at the other end. Each person will pick from a bag randomly 5 instructions. Some of these instructions will be technical, as for example “use a color, an object and a passerby”, “measure the distance between the poster and the camera”. The other scores were co-created collectively in a preparatory meeting and are inspired on our biographical experience with courage, as for ex. "ask perople what do they desire (and if you can help them to realise it)" or "Say it loud and clearly, simultaneously with one other person/many others".

Sounds of Touching, by Jana Maria Dohmann

Berlin, September 2019, Berlin-Tiergarten, Park Tiergarten

In the upcoming action „sounds of touching“ we will explore together how contemporary body-based performance can be experienced non-visually.

The workshop is an invitation to everyone who is interested in joining a sensual journey that is taken without the compass of the eyes but regarding to the richness of all our other senses.

During a set of exercises we will generate shared knowledge on how we can use our whole body to inhale what surrounds us and send back poetic signals to the urban.

Jeden Tag einen neuen Satz, by Diana Sirianni and Youme Won

Berlin, September 2019, Berlin-Neukölln, Richard Platz

Join us to our next meeting next Sunday!
We will connect to our life story, extract some sentences that describe some meaningful moments, write them on paper and tag them outside in the street using brush and organic glue. We will connect intimacy and urban space, show that our story is everybody’s story, bring some poetry, color and warmth in the city landscape.

The Mobile Piece 

by Susi Ronsenbohm

Berlin, October 2019, Kreuzberg

gallery/screenshot 2020-04-04 at 16.45.18

We would like to invite you to

Women* Listening to Women* - Speed dating event on Zoom.
4 April 2020, 16:30-17:30h

In this quasi quarantine times our contacts are reduced to the people we already know. Being in touch with strangers is almost impossible now, but could help us change our perspective, feel connected, receive empathy, create a sense of humanity and, in our case, of solidarity amongst women* and amongst artists.

Let us meet for about an hour. We will start with a common round of sharing a glimpse our present situation. We will couple up in different combinations and listen to each other as it is being done in a method called co-counseling, which Diana and me have been using in our workshops. We are going to lead you through it. We will finish up with a common round of sharing about the experice. And maybe this experience will keep on working within us and beyond..

Please be there in time!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Jolika and Diana

Is Listening a Form of Activism? - Corona Version 

by Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg and Diana Sirianni

online call, April 2020, worldwide

The framework of the Mobile Piece is text communication through mobile phones. Another layer of communication arises during the dance performance itself. Thus the dance performance becomes a collective process. The participants got a sms with info and one instruction some days before the dance performance started. When they arrived at the set time and place they got the following first text: "Hey Women, welcome to my "Mobile Piece". You have 10 min to send me scores via whatsapp that I will do now here on the platform. I will try to give my best to perform them so that you will have an extraordinary performance. The 10 minutes are starting NOW!“ 


I understand dance as communication and therefore also always as a social practice. That is why I like to create concepts where dance becomes more a place of encounter and negotiating between people. I am interested in the following questions: What are we doing and sharing when I dance and/or perform? Who has the responsibility for what? Who choreographs whom? Who brings something in? What do you want to see or not to see? What do I want to do or not to do? Who gives instructions to what should happen? What if we disappoint our expectations of the dance? For whom am I dancing?

I am dancing out of line. And you?

Women* Making Art In Public Space meets DisTanz 

by Susi Rosenbohm

June 2020, Berlin-Kreuzberg

We are starting again. Join our next short dance action in public space. Inspired by the DisTanz Group the last months we will make a DisTanz practice together this friday facilitated by Susi Rosenbohm.

Infos to know before:
The whole action just takes around 1-1,5 hour with everything.
We will start a short warm-up together at 6pm to connect with ourselves and each other and then I will propose a score that you can use for one hour dancing if you like. You can dance without music or you can bring your music and headphones to use it. You can also explore both. It is not about dancing as beautiful movement but more about dancing as a general physical and playful movement investigation.
No experience required before.
Open for all non-genders, in-between and genders.
We will dance according to the distance restrictions.

Public Care Square

by Susi Rosenbohm

June 2020, Berlin-Mitte

Women* Making Art In Public Space Meets DisTanz 

by Susi Rosenbohm

June 2020, Berlin-Kreuzberg

The last few months made it once more clear that care work such as talking and listening to each other is the basis of all human life, connection and togetherness. Emotional labor and care work have always been part of intersectional feminist practices and protests that are still rarely seen, valued and systemically under- or unpaid. Clapping a little applause for this will not be enough in the long run to allow a good life for everyone. Therefore the Public Care Square has been conceived to develop the discourse and spread the experience of listening for a culture of support and solidarity.

Guidelines will be:
Sit opposite each other.
Negotiate who of you will start to talk about yourself for 10 minutes.
Your counterpart listens actively without commenting and is present with you.
Then the roles are changed for another 10 minutes.
After that you have another 10 minutes to talk to each other if you want.
Negotiate with each other whether you want advice from each other or just want to hear each other.
You can also be silent for 10 minutes if you want.

Infos to know before:
The Public Care Square will be open friday 12th of June for 3 hours from 2pm-5pm.
No experience required before.
Open for all non-genders, in-between and genders.
We will act according to the distance restrictions.
You can come and go as you want.

Secret Dance

by Ana Kavalis

June 2020, Berlin-Neukölln

“Be water my friend”
Bruce Lee

In this session I want to share with you a practice that I call “secret dance” I am interested in. From my experience this practice brings a special way of being present, connected with ourselves, with our own breath but also with others and our surrounding. The idea is to become a secret agent, flirting with the way other people moves or breaths, stealing secret special information. It is a kind of invisible friends play too. No to copy or to represent what we see like in a mirror exercise. Rather the main idea is to observe, resonate, play, digest, become, and share back but almost without being notice. We move between the process of taking and returning, being transform and transforming. In this exchange an unknow secret dance appears. Maybe can this dance become a new tool for public empathy?

We begin with a warm-up active meditation exercise to bring more connection between our mind and body, expanding our time awareness, engaging our body-mind to have vacations from our daily life. Then we jump into the main practice in the group and then individually in the surroundings.

From 6:30 pm to 8 pm
Comfortable clothes
At Schlesische Busch

Listening Activism at Alexander Platz  

by Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg 

August 2020, Berlin, Alexanderplatz

Please bring a face mask,

2,5 hours of time

and the courage to stand still with closed eyes for 30-45 minutes on a public square.


The idea:

A large group of women* standing still for a long time with their eyes closed, listening to the sounds of Alexanderplatz, exposing themselves to the eyes of the public. This is a picture I've had in my mind for a long time.

Especially in catastrophic times like these where we all carry strong feelings of fear and helplessness with us, I believe that cultivating an attitude of listening is the base for all positive change in the world. When we start listening to ourselves and our surrounding instead of constantly reacting or escaping, we create a space in which solidarity and hope can grow. By placing a large group of listeners into a metropolitan square like Alexanderplatz, which is strongly connoted with consumerism and anonymity, we might be able to transform it into a space where people stop for a moment and listen. And, maybe, get a sense of the great strength and connecting quality that lies in human vulnerability.


Women* have always been the main care workers in society, and therefore have access to an enormous experience and knowledge about care work in all its facets. By choosing for a female* group of listeners in this installation, we acknowledge this and show that we are willing to share this knowledge with others. Beyond that, in a time where violence against women* has significantly increased, we create a strong image of female* solidarity.


There will be 3 people with open eyes: One will make sure that the situation stays safe, one will try to talk to passersby and the third one will shoot footage for a film that will be shown in an exhibition space on September 5-18 at AgVa - Contemporary Institut for Art&Thought in Berlin-Kreuzberg in combination with collages by Diana Sirianni.


It would be great if we were a big and diverse group, so please invite your female* friends, neighbours and family!


Looking forward!



Film and stills: Silvia Ospina

Editing: Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg


Public Beauty Oasis

by Zainab Zaira Hachlaf + Christina Theisen + Roana Salome + Susi Rosenbohm

September 2020, Berlin, Hasenheide, Neukölln

Are you feeling beautiful right now? 


We grow up in a society that clearly defines in different visual norms and ideals what is beautiful and what is not. How to not reject yourself if you do not fit into that? And even if you fit in one or the other way into that do you really feel beautiful about yourself?


We prepared the Public Beauty Oasis for you and us, because we don't agree with the common definitions about beauty. The Public Beauty Oasis will be open up on saturday from 2pm - 5pm in Hasenheide (exact location will be posted in the next days). There will be different corners you can explore in free flow and there is also a time frame for special actions as you see below.


14.00 – 15.00 Free Flow 
15.00 – 15.15 Silence 
15.15 – 15.35 Dancing
15.35 – 16.00 Sharing Circle
16.00 – 17.00 Free Flow


More info and instructions about the different corners you will see on site.

Looking forward to welcome as many different people as possible.


Open for all trans, inter, non-binary, queer and cis people.

You can come by for the whole time or just for a time slot that fits you.


We still meet under Corona restrictions. Try to keep physical distance and ask people for permission if you want to get closer.