Our intention:

we want to expand our artistic practice in public space and we notice that Berlin's independent art scene is lacking of connection and organisation among female artists working outdoors. We think that this gap reflects the neoliberal discourse telling we all only have individual experiences and hiding that there are structural problems related to oppression. Our aim is to change this situation and to create a coordination based on an awareness about gender issues and other intersectional political struggles.

This is why we want to create a community of people who can be co-creators and audience at the same time, sharing a creative and transformative process and empowering each other.

Working in public space makes our vulnerability as women* more visible than in our individual everyday life. Here we gain clarity on our condition, play with it and transform it together with the reality around. 

We connect to feminist movement such as the #MeToo movement and want to reveal the collective level underneath the individual experience.



Womxn Making Art in Public Space has been created in 2019 by Diana Sirianni and Susi Rosenbohm, artists, somatic explorers and socially engaged women living in Berlin.

Who we are

Susi Rosenbohm does not believe in the separation of dance, art, play, therapy, politics and life. She combines these areas as a choreographer, dance artist, activist and body therapist after the Pantarei approach. She likes to use art practices as tools to hack normality and daily life. Within that ideas of her work are often emotions, honesty/authentic, unserious/serious, non-binary, pleasure and sensitivity. Her work takes forms of conversations, walks, workshops, 1-on-1 sessions, silent parties, playgrounds, public dance floors and other explorative formats. She is a Co-founder of the collective actions against rape culture. Because she does not believe that anything will change politically she tries to turn her and other people’s life upside down creatively and meaningfully with the feminist consciousness that the private is political.



Susi Rosenbohm

Diana Sirianni

Diana Sirianni is a visual artist who has been working with collage in an extended way, researching space, perception and body, combining different media (painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, performance) and exploring different social and architectonical contexs, from conventional art spaces such art galleries and museums to the street, workshops and educational, lecture, conversation formats. After starting a career in the art market that brought her to show her work in Germany and internationally, she decided to quit her gallery and work more independently, with a focus on human connection and social transformation. She co-founded the collective Heart*istic working between art, activism and education. She is also a somatic coach after the Pantarei Approach, practices contemporary dance and contact improvisation.